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People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see yoga as an individual practice that affects everyone differently. Read about the importance of yoga through these testimonials.


"Anjali's knowledge of and devotion to her craft is exceptional. On top of that, she truly cares about your health and well being. This became apparent not only during our sessions but through our conversations. Knowledgeable, kind, warm, caring. What more could you ask for."

Brian Spencer, Engineer

"Working with Anjali was transformative, not only for my yoga practice but for my inner peace, spirituality, and personal growth. She held such a safe space for me, always meeting me where I was that day. She taught me how to connect to my body and my breath, allowing for me to hold space for myself. She guided me through yoga poses in ways that I’ve never experienced before. Through that, I was able to dive deeper into the magic that is breathwork. Her knowledge on the mind and the body is truly inspiring. I will be eternally grateful for the time that we’ve spent together and everything she has passed on to me."

Ashton Forbes, Massage Therapist

"Anjali is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I was seeking guidance on strengthening my yoga practice after completing a yoga teacher training program. She is able to guide movement and postures in a gentle way through words and guided touch. She also reflects upon the philosophy behind postures/movement/breath in a raw and real way. I enjoyed working with her! She is sincere, passionate, and genuine with the care she gives to the women she works with."

Navjeet Kuar, Artist & Teacher

"When I initially talked to Anjali I didn't know working with her would have such an impact on my life. I was looking for mind / body harmony and to be a healthier version of myself (both mentally and physically). I look forward to the days Anjali and I work together. She brings such a light and positive energy into my home. So much so that when I get pregnant, I want her there with my team delivering. Throughout my practices I've become aware of different parts of my body and became stronger and more flexible. Anjali is such a patient educator and so willing to share her knowledge during all my practices."

Shelby Streit, Real Estate Agent

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